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3051TG In Line Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5

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3051TG In Line Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5

3051TG In Line Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5
3051TG In Line Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5

Large Image :  3051TG In Line Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Singapore
Brand Name: Emerson Rosemount
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: on request
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1~1000pcs
Detailed Product Description
Origin: Singapore Model: 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5
Total Performance: ±0.15% Calibrated Spans: 0.3 To 10000 Psi
Installed Five-year Stability: 0.125% Range: 0-0.3 To 0-10,000 Psi
1-5: +/-0.075% Of Span: 1-5: +/-0.075% Of Span Power: 4-20 MA: 10.5-55 V Dc With No Load Low Power: 6-12 V Dc With No Load
Materials: Sensor Wetted Parts: SST, Hastelloy, Monel, Tantalum, Gold Plated SS, Gold Plated Monel Mounting: Coplanar And Traditional Flanges And Adapters: Cadmium And Nickel-plated CS, 316 SST
High Light:

In Line Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitter


3051TG Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitter


Rosemount 3051tg

Emerson Rosemount 3051TG In-Line Pressure Transmitters 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5




Manufacturer : Rosemount
Product No. : 3051TG4A2B21AB4I5M5

Product type : Pressure Transmitter
Pressure type : G = Gage
Pressure range : 4 = –14.7 to 4000 psi (–1,01 to 275,79 bar)
Transmitter output : A = 4–20 mA with digital signal based on HART Protocol
Process connection style : 2B = 1/2–14 NPT female (range 1–5 only)
Isolating diaphragm : 2 = 316L SST,Process connection wetted parts material = 316L SST
Sensor fill fluid : 1 = Silicone
Housing material : A = Aluminum , Conduit entry size = 1/2–14 NPT
Mounting bracket(17) : B4 = Bracket for 2-in. pipe or panel mounting, all SST
Product certifications E5 = FM Intrinsically Safe, Nonincendive
Configuration buttons : D4 = Analog zero and span
Display and interface options : M5 = LCD display
Conduit plug : DO = 316 SST conduit plug
Shipping Weight : 6.5Kg



Additional Informaiton:

Rosemount 3051T In-Line Pressure Transmitters are the industry standard for gage and absolute pressure measurement. The in-line, compact design allows the transmitter to be connected directly to a process for quick, easy and cost effective installation.


Features & Benefits

HART compatible for easy configuration and calibration
Comes standard with 316 stainless steel wetted materials for durability in most process applications
Local display option for easy field measurements



Features of Rosemount 3051TG Gauge Pressure Transmitter

· Manufactured by Rosemount

· Calibrated spans from 0.3 to 10000 psi

· Up 0.04% accuracy (optional)

· Total performance of ±0.15%

· Installed five-year stability of 0.125%

· Unmatched Dynamic Performance

· Optional PlantWeb Functionality to increase plant productivity

· Responds up to eight times faster than the typical pressure transmitter



Common Models:


3051CG1A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CD0A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CG2A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CD1A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CG3A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CD2A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CG4A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CD3A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CG5A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CD4A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
051CG1A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CD5A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CG2A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CD0A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CG3A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CD1A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CG4A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CD2A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CG5A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CD3A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CG1A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CD4A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CG2A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CD5A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CG3A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5 3051CD1A22A1AB4M5,
3051CG4A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CD2A22A1AB4M5,
3051CG5A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5 3051CD3A22A1AB4M5,
3051CG1A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CD4A22A1AB4M5,
3051CG2A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CD5A22A1AB4M5,
3051CG3A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CD1A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CG4A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CD2A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CG5A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CD3A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CG1A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CD4A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CG2A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CD5A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CG3A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CD1A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CG4A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CD2A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CG5A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CD3A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CG1A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CD4A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CG2A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CD5A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CG3A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CD1A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CG4A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CD2A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CG5A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CD3A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CG1A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5, 3051CD4A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CG2A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5, 3051CD5A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CG3A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5, 3051CD1A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CG4A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5, 3051CD2A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CG5A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5, 3051CD3A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CG1A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5, 3051CD4A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CG2A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5, 3051CD5A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CG3A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5, 3051CA1A02A1AB1H2L4M5,
3051CG4A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5, 3051CA2A02A1AB1H2L4M5,
3051CG5A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5, 3051CA3A02A1AB1H2L4M5,
3051CG1A22A1AB4M5, 3051CA4A02A1AB1H2L4M5,
3051CG2A22A1AB4M5, 3051CA5A02A1AB1H2L4M5,
3051CG3A22A1AB4M5, 3051CA1A02A1AB3H2L4M5,
3051CG4A22A1AB4M5, 3051CA2A02A1AB3H2L4M5,
3051CG5A22A1AB4M5, 3051CA3A02A1AB3H2L4M5,
3051CG1A22A1AB4M5DF, 3051CA4A02A1AB3H2L4M5,
3051CG2A22A1AB4M5DF, 3051CA5A02A1AB3H2L4M5,
3051CG3A22A1AB4M5DF, 3051CA1A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5,
3051CG4A22A1AB4M5DF, 3051CA2A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5,
3051CG5A22A1AB4M5DF 3051CA3A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5,
3051CG1A22A1AB4M5K5, 3051CA4A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5,
3051CG2A22A1AB4M5K5, 3051CA5A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5,
3051CG3A22A1AB4M5K5 3051CA1A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5,
3051CG4A22A1AB4M5K5, 3051CA2A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5,
3051CG5A22A1AB4M5K5, 3051CA3A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5,
3051CG1A22A1AB4M5E5 3051CA4A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5,
3051CG2A22A1AB4M5E5, 3051CA5A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5,
3051CG3A22A1AB4M5E5, 3051CA1A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5,
3051CG4A22A1AB4M5E5 3051CA2A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5,
3051CG5A22A1AB4M5E5, 3051CA3A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5,
3051CG1A22A1AB4M5I5, 3051CA4A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5,
3051CG2A22A1AB4M5I5 3051CA5A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5,
3051CG3A22A1AB4M5I5, 3051CA1A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5,
3051CG4A22A1AB4M5I5, 3051CA2A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5,
3051CG5A22A1AB4M5I5 3051CA3A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5,
3051CD0A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CA4A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5,
3051CD1A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CA5A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5,
3051CD2A02A1AB1H2L4M5 3051CA1A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CD3A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CA2A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CD4A02A1AB1H2L4M5, 3051CA3A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CD5A02A1AB1H2L4M5 3051CA4A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CD0A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CA5A02A1AB3H2L4M5E5,
3051CD1A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CA1A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CD2A02A1AB3H2L4M5 3051CA2A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CD3A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CA3A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CD4A02A1AB3H2L4M5, 3051CA4A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CD5A02A1AB3H2L4M5 3051CA5A02A1AB3H2L4M5I5,
3051CD0A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CA1A22A1AB4M5,
3051CD1A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CA2A22A1AB4M5,
3051CD2A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CA3A22A1AB4M5,
3051CD3A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CA4A22A1AB4M5,
3051CD4A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CA5A22A1AB4M5,
3051CD5A02A1AB1H2L4M5K5, 3051CA1A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CD0A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CA2A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CD1A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CA3A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CD2A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CA4A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CD3A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CA5A22A1AB4M5DF,
3051CD4A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CA1A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CD5A02A1AB1H2L4M5E5, 3051CA2A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CD0A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CA3A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CD1A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CA4A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CD2A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CA5A22A1AB4M5K5,
3051CD3A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CA1A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CD4A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CA2A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CD5A02A1AB1H2L4M5I5, 3051CA3A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CD0A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CA4A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CD1A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CA5A22A1AB4M5E5,
3051CD2A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CA1A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CD3A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CA2A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CD4A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CA3A22A1AB4M5I5,
3051CD5A02A1AB3H2L4M5K5, 3051CA4A22A1AB4M5I5,

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